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Can you see yourself in this article? Please read on.
We all have a reason, most of us need help. It doesn’t matter what you are called, if drinking, drugging or other “habits” or behaviours are hurting you life and relationships, including your relationship with yourself, do your self a favour and get in touch. You may well have a “fixable” problem and we can help.
We listen, help YOU find the whys and most of our clients’ find that they make a decision to change.
Please read this article from my colleague Patrick Meninga and see if you can relate!
The Top 10 Excuses that Addicts and Alcoholics Use to Justify Their Addiction – and Why it is All BS


“I have to drink/use drugs in order to work or continue to be successful.”


Oh really? Is that why you??

Perhaps the real truth of the matter is….
your career actually suffers due to your addiction, rather than being empowered by your drinking or drug use.

When I was still using drugs and alcohol, I tried to rationalize that drinking and drugging was beneficial to my work in different ways. After getting clean and sober, I have made huge leaps in my career and what I do for meaningful work in my life.
The truth is that my drinking was severely limiting me, not empowering me.



“I need to drink/use drugs in order to be social.”


Oh really? Is that why you….

Perhaps the real truth of the matter is….

…your drinking and drug use may have resulted in some occasional “fun times” in social environments, but over the long term it only serves to isolate you further. Not only that, but the true addict or alcoholic will eventually go overboard, use more than they planned on, and end up in embarrassing situations that they would have otherwise liked to avoid.

The truth is that we see ourselves as being “tragically hip and fatally cool” when we are intoxicated or high, but everyone else just thinks we are lame, or boring. Get over yourself.


“I’m not hurting anyone else.”


Oh really? Is that why you….

Perhaps the real truth of the matter is….

…you damage everyone around you when you continue to slowly self destruct, and deep down you realize that this is a negative path you are on. Intuitively you know that the right path is to get clean and sober and embrace the better version of yourself that you know you should be.

You also realize, deep down, that NOT rising to this challenge is a selfish and even cowardly act, though you may still struggle to summon the courage to do anything about it.



“Everybody else drinks/uses drugs, so why shouldn’t I?”


Oh really? Is that why you….

Perhaps the real truth of the matter is….

…you are clearly not like “everybody else” when it comes to using drugs and alcohol, and “everybody else” does not seem to experience the same consequences and problems that you do.

You compare to others while you observe them drinking socially and reasonably, but then you want to indulge and get completely wasted until you are out of control. If you really want to drink like “everybody else,” then you would stop after having one drink, just like many of them do. But of course you cannot do that, and would never really want to anyway.



“If you had my problems then you would drink or use drugs too.”


Oh really? Is that why you….