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Life Transformation


TRANSFORMATION (from Webster’s) to change the form or appearance of; to change the character or nature of radically; to change energy from one kind to another.

Our clients come to us with portions of their lives that they are not happy with. It is our role to show them how to “transform” (see the Webster’s definition) themselves. We believe our clients have the ability to have the abundant lives they want and we coach them into finding and utilizing the skills within.

We do believe that every person needs a “spiritual”, not necessarily a “religious” component in their life to achieve balance.

Coaching makes the process “Co-creative”; the client does not transform their life on their own, but the co-creation of a transformed life involves the client along with “outside” help including their coach.

Many of our clients are very comfortable with the word transformation and it is a change they want. Change is the key word and this is accomplished by setting goals, following a simple action plan, the client being heard and supported and through the process, getting on the life path that is in keeping with the clients vision of “happy” and successful.

Outcomes that may be realized:

•improved self-esteem and self-respect

•feeling comfortable in who you are and no feelings of inferiority

•a far more holistically balanced life-mentally, physically and spiritually

•improved relationships with others